save polar bear

a polar bear

a polar bear

I saw today (actualy yesterday because it’s after midnight) a documentary about polar bear.

It showed a polar bear attacking a troop of walrus (see picture below) because it was ungry.

a walrus

a walrus

the problem is that a walrus is about the same weight as a polar bear, and has two long dangerous teeth. Every time the polar bear attacked one of the walrus, one of his friends fought him back with his scary teeth. In the end, they all ran to the see to escape from the polar bear, which ended wounded and tired. He was so hungry that he eventually laid down and let himself die alone… such a shame for one of the best predator in the world.

then a voice said that more and more polar bear end this way each year. Because of human activity, they have fewer food, and need to attack more dangerous preys. In 2030, there shouldn’t be anyone left.

When I saw that, I felt guilty and wish i could help that polar bear kill a walrus. But now I’m thinking of it, I realise that I never met any polar bear in my life, so what would it change for me if they all died ? I still could watch them on TV, with technology progress, they surely could make them look real in 3D animation. furthermore, I struggled for 5 years to get my driving licence (I know I’m not gifted but I’m not the only one) and I should not buy a car just for the polar bear not to die ? No way !

I know that what I wrote is not politically correct, and I should better have written something like “if we all change we can save them”. But let’s face the truth : nobody is going to change, and they are all going to die. And so are most of the animals we see in documentary. Who has never used a car to avoid a 15 minuts walk? Who has never bought a new mobile phone while the previous one was still working well ? etc …

but that’s ok. As far as I can sit on my comfortable sofa, in front of my modern flatscreen, watching polar bear dying, I’ll be happy. And we even prepared the future, when there won’t be any animal to extermine : in the movie Avatar, we kill imaginary primitive animals. It’s much more fun than polar bear : they can speak english !

imaginary inteligent and sensitive animal soon exterminated

imaginary inteligent and sensitive animal soon exterminated



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Finding a roomate

Hello !

I dedicated the whole past week finding a new roomate, and the experience was successful so let me just give some tips in case some of you would have a flat to share.

First you don’t need to begin your researches to early before the beginning of the contract. It took me only 5 days to find the perfect roomate.

Internet is an excellent way to find a roomate. Indeed most of potential roomate are young, and most young people are internet addicted. Plus it’s very handy to talk with people that live far away. I put a small add on tuesday, on the website .

Once you have put your small add online, be prepared to receive a lot of phone call and email ! (at least 20 a day !!). That allows you to chose between a big range of roomate ! Then you can organize the visit of the room you offer. A good tip : create an excell sheet on which you write the name of the visitors, their phone numbers and the time of the visits ! I didn’t do it at first, and a visitor called me for the visit while I was still asleep. I tottaly forgot about him, and that was quite confusing ! :p

During the visit, don’t only talk about the money he earns, the references he has etc… of course they are some important points, but it’s also essential to know about the person : how he lives, his activities, what he does in his life etc… Feel free to offer the visitor a drink, and take some time to have a conversation with him. Even if I couldn’t chose every one that visited my flat, I bounded with some of those I didn’t chose, and I’ll surely meet them again for a drink sometimes.

Having a roomate is a good way to share experiences and knowledge. That is why I chose someone from different culture. My future roomate is a 22 years old English teacher from Seattle, who seems to be in love with Paris.

I’m really looking toward to having english talks at home !


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friends blog

I’m lucky two of my friends just created some blogs so I can advertise them in this post.

the first one is created by a friend that just began a 6 months trip to asia, in this blogs he describes what he does and sees, it’s quite interesting.

the second one is my football team’s blog, schedules, results … if you want to support us you should visit it and leave some comments !

see you soon


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The creation of human being

I put this title because it’s the theme of the original video, actualy, I didn’t see why. Here is the video :

What I like about this video is that the author did something I realy wish I could do if I had the time ! I admire such a creativity and the result is amazing, it realy gives the impression of a movie instead of a serie of shots. Furthermore, the patience he had to do this is impressive too, because every different picture is a new drawing…


enjoy the video !

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say la vee

I wanted to post a new video of a french/american song, written by Lucien Papalu and sung by the famous band from New York De La Soul

It is the opening song of the cartoon “les lascars”. The cartoon tells a story about typical french “racailles” living in the suburbs of Paris.

What I like about this song is that they mix French slang with American rap. Usualy french rappers use a lot of american words in their songs, to sound cooler. With this song they did the oposite, and the results sounds good. I didn’t understand all the lyrics, but it seems like it is a description of the movie and French suburbs, the few sentences I could understand are funny like “casse toi pauvre con doesn’t mean cup of tea it’s the French president expressing sympathy”.

I’ll conclude by saying that the movie is funny, you should see it


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New Theme !!

Hello !

Here comes a new theme for my blog !

I first chose the custom header picture (which is a picture taken in London of a famous jewelery in great britain), and then I looked for a them that fit with it. I chose the “PressRow” theme (by Chris Pearson). Because its main color is white, which is the same as my picture’s, and it’s sober and classy. I don’t like flashy blogs overdecorated …

In my opinion, what’s inside the blog is more important than how it looks, and this simple theme emphasizes well the content of my blog.

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In A Desert Island

Hi !!

Here is a frequently asked question : what song would I bring with me in a desert island ?

I think I would bring my 60 gigas MP3 player to have them all .. hahaha !! But Ithink the five of them I would listen more to would be those one :

first one : Daft Punk – digital love

I like this song as a part of the discovery album because if you put all the video Clips of this album together, it makes a very good film called “insterstella 5555”.. I like the movie, I like the music and I like manga, so this is why I put it on rank #1

second one : manu chao and lyricson – mr bobby

I had the chance to see both artists on this video on concerts separatly. Unfortunately I missed the duo which I realy adore.I think this live is the best of manu chao’s, probably thanks to the presence of lyricson.

third one  : michael jackson – man in the mirror

Even if I were in a desert island, I would want something to remind me all problems in the world like war.. That’s why I chose a song ful of hope from the best singer ever, Mickael Jackson

fourth one :  la fouine – postiché

I chose this song because it will remind me my youth forever, the scene described in the lyrics are typical of  a teenager from the suburbs of paris. Furthermore, the singer, La Fouine, live at a  few minut from where I lived untill I was 21 : Montigny (78), he describes a lot of place I used to go very often.

Fifth one : Poenix – If I ever feel better

I chose this song because of it’s cool rythm, I don’t know why it makes me thinks of food, particularly sweet food …

sixth one :  J S Bach

The version of this song I found is a little bit funny, with battery, but it’s classical music, so anyone can play it the way he likes it. I chose this song because it’s my favourit classical song, and there is nothing better than classical music to spend free hours on a desert island.

seventh one : Vitalic – Valletta Fanfare

I didn’t know what vitalic song to chose because I like them all, but still I would have to bring a vitalic song with me if I went to a desert island, so why not this one…

eighth one : vaya con dios – nah neh nah

This song remind me of hollidays, that’s why I listen to it when I’m stressed by everyday life.

book : I wouldn’t bring any book : I don’t read

luxury item : probably a luxuous and fast boat to get some fun when I get bored !


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